• san francisco bay area referral line 650 327-6455
  • santa cruz county referral line 831 688-3954
  • online request form

For over 50 years NMC has provided free breastfeeding support in the San Francisco Bay Area. A mother may call one of the referral lines above to get phone numbers of counselors who are available for free advice or information about renting or purchasing breast pumps or breastfeeding supplies. Most questions can be answered in one phone call.

Mothers requiring more support are assigned an NMC counselor. Most breastfeeding difficulties and questions are handled by telephone counseling. If further assistance is necessary, home visits may be provided within our geographic region.

Mothers purchasing or renting breast pumps receive free personal assistance and support.  We have pumps available for free or reduced rates for low-income families.

NMC speakers also provide free breastfeeding classes at local hospitals, Lullaby Lane (a baby-goods store), mothers’ groups, and childbirth education classes. Moms and babies, dads, grandmas, and friends are welcome to attend. Those attending the classes receive free NMC breastfeeding publications and a thorough presentation on breastfeeding basics. Mothers can sign up to have an NMC counselor work with them throughout their breastfeeding experience. Click on the link for a schedule of classes.

The Santa Cruz Chapter of NMC does lactation rounds at Dominican Hospital, assisting new moms with breastfeeding.

Every chapter of Nursing Mothers Counsel has a Medical Advisory Board, comprised of lactation consultants, pediatricians, OB/GYNs, and other health care professionals. If a mother has a medically related question, the Professional Relations board chair can research a specific drug or consult with professionals on our Medical Advisory Board.

All of NMCs services are offered at no cost or obligation to the families we serve.