A short list of local (SF Bay Area) resources for all your needs as a parent or partner.


getting a good latch

Getting a good latch is the first step towards breastfeeding success.


Establishing a good supply

One of the most common questions counselors hear is, "Do I have enough milk?"


tips & tricks

Every parent ends up with their own list of  "baby hacks," here are some of ours!


post-partum mood disorders

Getting an NMC counselor can be a great help during the transition into motherhood, but sometimes you need an outside referral. Below are some trusted resources.



Be efficient and effective at the pump, because we'd all rather be doing something else!


All about baby

It takes two to tango, and two to breastfeed!


Baby Wearing

Skin-to-skin contact and "kangaroo care" can have a big impact on breastfeeding, milk supply, and bonding.



Fun reading from others who have been there.