Become a peer breastfeeding counselor

Nursing Mothers Counsel counselors are volunteers who go through extensive training to become skilled counselors.

Each member has

  • breastfed their baby for at least six months

  • receives 21 hours of breastfeeding education

  • takes a comprehensive exam

  • completes extensive reading requirements

  • attends an NMC breastfeeding community class

  • shadows on hospital rounds with a lactation consultant or participates in a home visit

  • counsels moms under the supervision of an advisor

New members serve a provisional period for six to twelve months, under the guidance of an experienced member who serves as her advisor/mentor. New members are often women who received assistance from NMC counselors and want to provide support to other new moms so they, too, can have a successful and positive breastfeeding experience.

New member training is held every 1-2 years. If you are interested in joining the next training, or have questions, please complete the form below, and our membership chair will be in touch.

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Training & events

Please fill out the form to indicate your interest in a future training.

Most NMC training and events are held at Sequoia Hospital Health and Wellness Center in Redwood City, California.


Become an affiliate member

 If you are a professional (nurse, dietician, doula, etc.) who would like to receive NMC’s training to further your career goals, you can complete our training and become an Affiliate Member. You will not be an NMC breastfeeding counselor, but you will still receive our newsletter and continuing education opportunities. 

If you are interested in the training, please fill out the form, and let us know in the message that you are a professional.